Stars and Pebbles

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The "Stars and Pebbles" Entertainment Showband is a group of highly skilled and experienced professional performers and entertainers. Founded in Tbilisi, Georgia, at the end of 2022, the band brings together a team of musicians who have a long history of collaboration and success in the entertainment industry.

With a diverse and extensive repertoire of international music hits, the band covers various genres, including Pop, Rock, Rock ‘n’ roll, ballads, Soul, Reggae, Latin, Funk, Disco, and Jazz. This wide range of musical styles allows them to cater to a broad audience with different tastes and preferences.

What sets “Stars and Pebbles” apart is their strong passion and dedication to their craft. They approach their work in the industry with a business-oriented attitude, maintaining a professional level of communication and organization. This commitment to excellence is evident in their performances and interactions with clients.

Moreover, the band’s adaptability and creativity enable them to tailor their shows to suit the specific needs and requirements of different venues and audiences. Whether performing at hotels, clubs, or cruise ships, they ensure that each show is engaging and entertaining for all guests.

Though relatively new as a band, the members’ longstanding collaboration ensures a seamless and harmonious performance on stage. Their chemistry and camaraderie shine through in their music, creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone.

With “Stars and Pebbles,” audiences can expect an electrifying and engaging show, where talent and professionalism merge to deliver a top-notch entertainment experience. As they continue to showcase their talents, this showband is poised to make a significant impact in the entertainment industry both locally and internationally.

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