Guitar Vocalist

Spencer's journey in the music industry began back in 2012, where he started refining his skills as a versatile performer.

From cosy pub gigs to cruise ship performances, bustling corporate events, weddings, and exclusive private parties, Spencer has graced various stages with his musical talents. His repertoire is a delightful mix of beloved international hits, classic rock tunes, catchy pop anthems, heartfelt country melodies, timeless favourites, and even lively Latin beats. Hailing from Sweden, Spencer is also able to include Scandinavian melodies into his sets, adding a special touch to performances in Nordic regions.

Known for his adaptability and customer-focused approach, Spencer effortlessly adjusts his style to cater to the unique preferences of each audience. Whether delivering mellow renditions or high-energy shows, Spencer ensures that every performance is a memorable experience. His extensive experience shines through in his ability to connect with diverse audiences, whether performing solo or collaborating with fellow musicians.

Beyond his musical talents, Spencer is fluent in English, Spanish, and Scandinavian languages, enriching his ability to connect with audiences from around the globe.

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