Soulful Roots

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Soulful Roots is a 4-piece eclectic band that covers genres such as; Soul, MOTOWN, Country, RnB, Reggae, TOP 40s, Disco, Funk and many more.

Soulful Roots hail from the beautiful city of Kingston, Jamaica and the Nature Isla of the Caribbean; Dominica. From 2012, the three instrumentalists have been performing together, creating soul-expressed music that engineered a unique sound which captured the attention of their singer, who joined the band in 2024 when Soulful Roots was born.

Their unique brand of entertainment fuses smooth-hitting grooves and incredible vocals with high energy and witty stage banter, that will make you want to dance all night.

Soulful Roots are currently accepting bookings and would be thrilled to be the life of your next party.

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