Ryan Ailano

Guitar Vocalist

With years of experience as a resident guitar vocalist, Ryan has traveled the world, entertaining audiences in hotels during both summer and winter seasons. Whether performing acoustically or with his guitar, Ryan captivates listeners with his versatile talent and extensive repertoire, which includes a remarkable collection of approximately 400 songs spanning from the iconic Elvis Presley to modern sensation Ed Sheeran.

Ryan’s versatility as a musician extends to his experience working at sea, where he has entertained diverse audiences on ferries and cruise ships. Adapting to different settings and atmospheres, Ryan ensures that his performances cater to the unique tastes of each audience.

One of Ryan’s remarkable skills is his ability to accommodate guest requests, constantly updating his repertoire to deliver memorable performances. His dedication to providing an exceptional musical experience is evident in his commitment to fulfilling the musical desires of his listeners.

Whether it’s an intimate acoustic session or a lively performance at sea, Ryan’s passion for music shines through, creating an engaging and enjoyable experience for all. His ability to connect with audiences and deliver their favorite songs with precision and flair sets him apart as a captivating guitar vocalist.

With a wealth of experience and a genuine love for his craft, Ryan continues to thrill and entertain audiences around the world. His musical journey is a testament to his dedication, ensuring that every performance is filled with passion, energy, and a wide range of beloved songs that resonate with listeners of all ages.

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