Paul J Forster


Drummer, musical director, producer, and multi instrumentalist from the UK.

After graduating with First Class Honours from the University of Southampton in 2021, Paul has worked with a myriad of artists, theatre companies and instrumentalists. He continues to make a name for himself as a highly creative, dependable, and emotionally intelligent individual who takes pride in his drumming and ability to work alongside professionals from all sorts of backgrounds and with a wide range of specialist interests.

With a background in studio engineering, composing, and producing, Paul has a wide range of skills, allowing him to draw on exceptional musical understanding in any situation. Paul’s fresh-sounding grooves and intelligent, considered approach to accompanying music, stands out in today’s modern music industry.

Paul has had the privilege of sharing the stage with several amazing artists including Marie White (Glastonbury’s emerging artist 2019 winner); Abi Hudson (Titanic the Musical); Hong Jon Shen (Chinese Song UK); Emily Izen Row; Adelina Dimova. Alongside festival and pop performances, Paul loves musical theatre and has worked on exciting shows as a drummer and musical director, including PULSE: A Zombie Love Story Musical; Global Majority; American Idiot (Chichester Uni), and numerous pantomimes

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