Mykhailo Shmatiuk

Cocktail Pianist

With a versatile skill set as a pianist, accompanist, and keyboardist, this talented individual has gained valuable experience in various piano positions across different countries. With a Master's degree and a continuous commitment to self-training, they possess a strong educational background and a dedication to refining their musical abilities.

Their engaging and light-hearted communication style, combined with a serious approach to their tasks, ensures exceptional performances that leave a lasting impact on audiences. Beyond their musical expertise, they bring additional life experiences to their performances. Whether it’s their background as an actor, involvement in animation teams, volunteering efforts, participation in choirs as a singer, proficiency in PC skills, creating content on YouTube, or even dabbling in stand-up comedy, these diverse experiences contribute to creating unforgettable and uniquely positive memories for guests.

Currently employed by Disney Cruise Line through the agency Excellent Entertainment, this individual is well-equipped to bring joy and entertainment to audiences of all ages. Their multifaceted talents and passion for their craft make them a valuable addition to any performance setting, ensuring that guests have an exceptional and memorable experience.

With their extensive repertoire and versatile skills, this pianist, accompanist, and keyboardist has the ability to captivate audiences and create magical moments that will be cherished long after the performance concludes.

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