Hernan Lenneck

Guitar Vocalist

Hernan is a talented singer and guitarist hailing from Argentina. His passion for music led him to train at the prestigious Juan Jose Castro classical music conservatory in Buenos Aires, honing his skills as a performer and musician.

Throughout his career, Hernan has collaborated with renowned brands such as Volkswagen, Hard Rock Cafe, Sofitel hotels, MSC, and Global Maritime CMV, showcasing his versatility and talent in various settings. In addition to his musical pursuits, Hernan has also ventured into the realms of television and radio hosting, sports journalism, and column writing for TRAVEL magazine in Argentina, expanding his creative horizons and sharing his expertise with audiences.

Hernan’s repertoire spans a wide range of genres, encompassing rock, pop, melodic ballads, and instrumental guitar music. From the passionate and rhythmic beats of tango and folklore to the soulful melodies of blues and the vibrant rhythms of Latin music, Hernan brings his unique touch to each style. He is equally adept at delivering energetic renditions of hard rock classics as well as evocative interpretations of tango, bossa nova, and acoustic versions of beloved songs from various eras.

Using a looper pedal, Hernan creates multi-layered performances that captivate listeners. Whether performing solely acoustically or accompanied by backing tracks, he masterfully blends his vocals and guitar playing, creating a rich and dynamic musical experience.

Hernan’s ability to adapt to different musical styles and his dedication to perfecting his craft have made him a sought-after performer, enchanting audiences with his passionate and captivating performances. His repertoire of timeless songs ensures that listeners of all tastes and generations can enjoy his music.

With a blend of talent, versatility, and a deep passion for his craft, Hernan continues to make a mark in the music industry, creating memorable and engaging performances that resonate with audiences worldwide.


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