Evergreen are a dynamic duo playing all your favourite party anthems and the classics from all eras.

The duo includes Molly Sherden on vocals and Andres Uribe on guitar and keys.

Molly and Andres bring over a decade of combined entertainment experience, each bring their own unique journey, enhancing their skills as performers. Molly, from Sydney, studied Performing Arts at ED5 International and has performed globally in theatres, casinos and on cruise ships. Andres, from Mexico City, studied Modern Music and Jazz at Bellas Artes. He’s worked as a guitarist and Band Leader with multiple cruise companies and is a versatile musician, stepping in for other band positions including drummer, bass player and pianist. Both are passionate performers with diverse skills.

Evergreen means remaining timeless and relevant by retaining freshness and interest. And this is exactly what we aim to do with the music we play. We believe music shapes our stories and the memories we make. It will always remain relevant through the freshness each artist brings to it. Music is evergreen.

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