Tribute Band

A vibrant band from Trinidad and Tobago, blending reggae and calypso to create a sound uniquely their own

Formed in 2022 and influenced by Bob Marley, Essence was founded by Sean Caruth, Shevon Bernard, and Romel Hypolite, who sought new energy after being colleagues for six years. All members hail from Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada. Known for their interactive live shows and distinctive repertoire, Essence delivers a unique and innovative sound through their chemistry and musicianship.

Shevon Bernard, the musical director and bassist, forms the heartbeat of Essence with his deep rhythmic bass lines. His background in Gospel, reggae, and soca brings a rich foundation to the band’s sound. Andrew Augustine, the drummer, drives the band’s energetic rhythms with a dynamic playing style influenced by Trinidad’s calypso and limbo traditions, and his expertise spans Gospel, reggae, and R&B. Romel Hypolite, hailing from Grenada, adds depth and texture with his versatile keyboard skills, creating a unique auditory experience through his love for reggae, calypso, and R&B. Sherisse Collymore, the vocalist, enhances the band’s cohesive sound with her studio recording experience and passion for Jazz. Tigana Thomas, the lead guitarist, provides the backbone of Essence’s music with his intricate guitar work and creative flair. Sean Caruth, the bandleader and vocalist, leads Essence’s sonic landscape with his powerful and emotive voice. Sean’s extensive experience includes performances with Grammy winners Shaggy and Beenie Man, as well as opening acts for hip-hop stars like Ludacris, DMX, and Destiny’s Child. His song “Accident” was featured in Nickelodeon Studios’ “The Wild Thornberrys” movie, performed by the Grammy-winning Baha Men.

Essence is making waves with their fresh sound. Their unique blend of genres and their fascinating Bob Marley tribute show have thrilled audiences, establishing a distinct mark in the world of reggae music.  “Soulful Rhythms: The Sean Caruth Bob Marley Tribute” is a captivating musical experience that pays homage to the legendary reggae icon. The show promises an unforgettable journey through the timeless music of Bob Marley. Stay tuned for more from Essence as they continue to share their innovative and captivating music.

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