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Joe Baker is the man behind the magic, a skilled performer with a lifelong passion for magic and theatre. From a young age, Joe discovered his fascination with the performing arts, and the picture of him practicing and performing as a magician reflects the early beginnings of his journey.

Joe’s magical endeavors started with an attempt to make a candle float using his mother’s typewriter ribbon, although it didn’t quite impress her. Nevertheless, his curiosity and dedication led him to establish a successful career as a professional magician, clown, and Jester. His talents gained recognition when he appeared on Central Television’s prime-time show New Faces, where he received the highest number of votes ever recorded in the show’s history, a testament to his remarkable skills.

Having traveled extensively, Joe has entertained audiences around the world, both on stage and on the silver screen. He has been fortunate to teach circus skills and performing arts to aspiring artists as part of the Prince of Wales’ Trust.

Joe firmly believes that live magic, when presented well, never fails to bring laughter, joy, and genuine surprise. He cherishes the fact that his talent has taken him to incredible places, and he feels grateful for the opportunity to make a living doing something he truly loves. Even offstage, Joe’s infectious desire to bring smiles knows no bounds.


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