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DBY is one of the UKs leading theatre companies in Murder Mysteries and interactive theatre. They aim to deliver unique and refreshing murder mystery shows and plays like never seen before.

DBY murder mystery shows and plays urge you to move beyond your role as spectator and play the role of detective! Ever fancy yourself as a Sherlock or Miss Marple, this is the show for you!

Using high quality scripts with a choice of popular themed plots. The shows consist of 55-60 minutes of storytelling delivered by highly trained professional actors using a mix of multi-media, film, music and song, and theatrical tricks to excite and intrigue. Your audience will be immersed into the story, during this time a murder will take place along with deliciously deceitful twists and turns, and your audience will be plunged into a world of puzzle solving and clue finding. As the truth is unravelled the audience will have the opportunity to discover if their suspicions are right.

Audiences have the option of sitting back and enjoying the show, or can spot the clues, evidence and liars to solve the crime! With optional levels of interactivity individual to each show, coupled with a variety of genres and themes to choose from, DBY Interactive will bring true intrigue, excitement and theatricality for a variety of audiences.

Each show has various levels of interactive elements to fit with the style, some are traditional straight through for the ultimate immersive experience, whilst others have a section of interrogation which gives the audience the opportunity to ask direct questions to the suspects.

Don’t just see it! Solve it!

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