Charlie Pothecary

Guitar Vocalist

Charlie is an exceptional solo Guitar/Vocalist who has captivated audiences in hotels and cruise ships with his talent and passion for performing music. With a vibrant and outgoing personality, Charlie thrives on creating a memorable experience for everyone involved. He truly loves what he does and aims to have a great time while entertaining others.

Engaging with the crowd, Charlie skillfully leads sing-alongs that traverse the decades, from beloved classics of the 20s to the latest hits. He ensures that all musical tastes are catered for, creating an inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone in attendance.

Charlie’s repertoire is extensive, boasting over 400 songs from various genres and eras. He prides himself on providing a personalized touch by incorporating audience requests whenever possible. This commitment to connecting with listeners on a personal level sets him apart and makes each performance unique.

His versatility as a performer shines through in both low-key lounges and bars, as well as on grand main stages. Charlie effortlessly adapts to different settings, creating the perfect ambiance and tailor-made experience for any audience.

Whether it’s a cozy lounge or a bustling venue, Charlie’s exceptional talent, versatility, and ability to engage with the crowd make him a sought-after performer. With his infectious energy and dedication to creating a memorable musical journey, Charlie leaves audiences with lasting memories and a desire for more.

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