André Ferreira

Piano Entertainer

Meet the musical maverick, Andre, whose sensational journey kicked off at the tender age of 7, belting out tunes that could make the choir jealous in his neighborhood church. But that was just the beginning of his rockstar saga!

Fast forward through to his 20s, and you’d find Andre embracing his inner frontman, stealing the spotlight as the rockin’ lead singer of local bands that had crowds groovin’ and movin’ like never before.

Then, in the epic year of 2016, Andre set sail on an outrageous escapade, scoring his first gig as a singing sensation aboard a Brazilian band, turning the high seas into a sonic fiesta! But he didn’t stop there—2022 saw him hitting a whole new level of glam as he strutted his stuff solo-style in a swanky six-star Egyptian hotel. It’s like he turned the stage into his own personal runway!

Since that dazzling Egyptian escapade, Andre has been the life of the party on the open waters, dazzling audiences with his dazzling dual act as a piano-wielding maestro and a vocal virtuoso. Yachts and cruise ships have become his playgrounds of rhythm and rhyme, where he transforms ordinary moments into musical magic.

Andre’s not just a musician; he’s a melody magician who’s sprinkled his musical fairy dust across continents. His tale of tunes, from pews to plush hotel suites, from bands to pianos on the waves, is a testament to the power of passion and the symphony of life. So, hop on board the Andre express, ’cause this maestro is here to serenade your senses and rock your world, one note at a time!

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