Oliver Wenath

Piano Entertainer

Oliver's musical journey began at the tender age of 5 when he embarked on piano lessons, igniting a passion for music that would shape his future. With dedication and talent, his skills and musical knowledge blossomed.

By the age of 12, Oliver was already receiving piano lessons at the esteemed State Music Conservatory of Detmold in Germany, under the guidance of a professional piano player. It was there that he delved into the world of classical piano, eventually graduating with honors at the young age of 17.

Throughout his vibrant music career, Oliver has had the opportunity to compose for and collaborate with various bands, marking the beginning of his adventures on stage. One of his earliest endeavors involved a tour across Europe, participating in a prestigious musical competition.

Oliver’s diverse involvement in the music industry has allowed him to take on a multitude of roles. From recording Mozart for a German television production to contributing as a songwriter, arranger, producer, and vocal coach in various music productions, his versatility knows no bounds. He possesses the rare ability to sing and play across a wide range of genres, effortlessly transitioning from classical to jazz, rock ‘n’ roll to contemporary hits.

With his exceptional skills as both a pianist and vocalist, Oliver is a true virtuoso who finds joy in entertaining audiences and creating unforgettable musical moments during his performances. His passion, talent, and ability to captivate listeners make him a sought-after musician who leaves a lasting impression wherever he performs.


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