Nora Toth-Fekete

Cocktail Pianist

Nóra Tóth-Fekete is a highly skilled and accomplished professional pianist. In 2009, she graduated from the University of Szeged Faculty of Music, earning a degree as a pianist and piano teacher, which laid the foundation for her exceptional musical journey.

During her formative years as a student, Nóra had the privilege of participating in masterclasses led by renowned pianists such as Orsolya Szabó, Lívia Rév, and László Baranyay. These invaluable experiences enriched her musical education and contributed to her growth as a pianist.

Nóra’s exceptional talent was recognized when she received a Special Award at the prestigious 3rd Béla Bartók Piano Competition in Szeged in 2008. This accolade further solidified her standing as a remarkable pianist.

Since 2012, Nóra has graced cruise ships and hotels with her captivating performances. Notably, she has showcased her talent on the ships of esteemed cruise lines such as Costa Cruises, Moby Lines, and Color Lines. Additionally, she has performed at the esteemed Hotel Mulia, leaving audiences enthralled with her exquisite musicality.

Nóra’s repertoire spans a wide range of musical styles, including classical, jazz, evergreens, and popular music. Her versatility allows her to bring forth the beauty and nuances of each genre, captivating audiences with her skillful interpretations. Nóra Tóth-Fekete’s musical prowess and unwavering dedication continue to make her a celebrated and sought-after pianist in the industry.

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