Natalie Skuriatina

Cocktail Pianist

Natalia is a highly accomplished pianist who graduated from the esteemed Kharkov National University of Arts. Her educational journey led her to obtain degrees in Piano Teaching, Acting Ensemble, and Concertmaster. In her pursuit of musical excellence, she further honed her skills at an International Academy, where she had the privilege of studying under renowned pianists from Europe, the USA, and Russia.

Throughout her career, Natalia has garnered recognition as a laureate of numerous international and Ukrainian piano contests, showcasing her exceptional talent and musical prowess. She has had the privilege of performing alongside symphony orchestras and captivating audiences through her own recitals, leaving a lasting impression with her masterful performances.

In addition to her accomplishments as a performer, Natalia has also accumulated extensive experience as a teacher. She has dedicated over four years to teaching at a music school, nurturing the talents of aspiring musicians. Furthermore, she has enriched the lives of students through private lessons for over five years, sharing her expertise and passion for music.

As a solo pianist, Natalia’s versatility knows no bounds. She effortlessly navigates various genres, ranging from classical and contemporary to lounge, pop, rock, soundtrack music, and jazz. Her ability to adapt her playing style to different musical genres showcases her adaptability and musical versatility.

Natalia’s experience extends beyond traditional venues, as she has had the opportunity to showcase her talents at prestigious 5-star hotels and onboard cruise ships. Her exceptional skill, combined with her experience in these luxurious settings, allows her to create captivating musical experiences for discerning audiences.

With a wealth of experience and a diverse repertoire, Natalia continues to enchant audiences with her sublime piano performances. Her passion for music, coupled with her talent and versatility, solidify her position as an exceptional solo pianist, leaving an indelible mark on those who have the pleasure of hearing her play.

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