Natalia Zadorozhnia

Cocktail Pianist

Natalia is an exceptionally talented cocktail pianist hailing from Malyn, Ukraine. Her journey in music began with her studies at the Music College in Jitomyr, where she honed her skills and laid the foundation for her musical career. She continued her education at the prestigious Music Academy in Donetsk, achieving music diplomas with honors, showcasing her exceptional dedication and talent.

Throughout her studies, Natalia shared her passion for music as a piano teacher at various music schools, nurturing the talents of aspiring musicians. Her commitment to education and the development of young musicians is evident in her role as an inspiring mentor.

Since 2007, Natalia has mesmerized audiences around the world as a soloist, as well as in duos and trios, performing in esteemed 5-star hotels. Her recent achievement as a Cocktail Pianist onboard Silversea showcases her remarkable talent and versatility. Natalia’s ability to adapt her performance to different settings and audiences has earned her recognition and admiration wherever she goes.

With a vast repertoire at her fingertips, Natalia effortlessly brings her passion for music to life, delighting listeners with her captivating performances. Her love for exploring different genres and musical styles adds depth and diversity to her repertoire. Natalia’s commitment to her craft and her ability to connect with audiences on a global scale make her an exceptional cocktail pianist, creating unforgettable musical experiences wherever she performs.


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