Daria & Roberto


Daria and Roberto, known as Metropolitan Loops, form an incredible Acoustic Duo that captivates audiences with their enchanting musical performances. Daria's silky and warm voice combined with Roberto's skillful guitar playing and loop layering techniques create a mesmerizing and magical musical experience.

With their vast repertoire, Metropolitan Loops takes listeners on a journey through various musical genres, from Jazz and Blues to Pop and Rock. Their ability to seamlessly transition between different styles keeps the audience engaged and excited, never knowing what musical delight awaits them next. Each song they perform receives a special personal touch, making their interpretations unique and captivating.

The duo’s musical landscapes are not only a treat for the ears but also engage the audience’s other senses, creating a warm and elegant atmosphere. Daria’s soulful vocals, coupled with Roberto’s tasteful guitar melodies and inventive use of looping techniques, weave together to form an immersive and rich musical tapestry.

Over time, Metropolitan Loops has garnered a strong following aboard Disney Cruise Line and have become a favorite among audiences worldwide. Their ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level and create memorable experiences through their music sets them apart as exceptional performers.

Whether they are serenading the audience with a heartfelt jazz ballad or rocking out to a lively pop or rock anthem, Daria and Roberto’s performances leave a lasting impression. Their talent, versatility, and ability to create a unique and captivating musical atmosphere make Metropolitan Loops an extraordinary Acoustic Duo that continues to delight audiences everywhere they perform.

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