Angela Grace Brown

Guitar Vocalist

Angela's remarkable journey in the world of music spans an impressive 10 years. Hailing from Glasgow, she began her career singing in bars, captivating audiences with her powerful vocals. Over the years, her talent and passion have propelled her to support renowned artists at sold-out concerts and earn a well-deserved nomination for Performer of the Year at the prestigious Scottish Icon Awards.

Currently, Angela’s main focus is performing on cruise ships, where she continues to dazzle audiences with her unique style. Armed with her strong, husky voice and skillful acoustic guitar playing, she delivers captivating performances that transcend genres. Angela understands that every crowd has diverse musical tastes, and she skillfully curates her repertoire to ensure that every person in the room has a phenomenal experience.

What sets Angela apart is her unwavering dedication to creating an unforgettable atmosphere. She goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone in the audience is having a fantastic time and leaves with a desire for more. Angela’s ability to connect with her listeners is a testament to her talent and passion for her craft.

As she continues to perform on cruise ships, Angela’s magnetic presence and versatility as an artist make her a cherished entertainer. Her ability to cater to various musical preferences, combined with her infectious energy, leaves a lasting impression on audiences. Angela’s performances are a testament to her commitment to providing exceptional entertainment, making her a true gem in the world of music.

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