Aidan Moore

Guitar Vocalist

Aidan's musical journey began during his school years, where he showcased his talents by playing guitar, drums, and singing in various bands. However, as he ventured into his late teens, Aidan discovered his passion for DJ'ing and immersed himself in that scene. Little did he know that his path would eventually lead him back to live music and singing.

In pursuit of his dream of becoming a full-time musician, Aidan embarked on an incredible journey touring the world on cruise ships for the past two years. This experience has allowed him to combine his love for music and travel, providing him with endless opportunities to perform in diverse locations across the globe.

With a repertoire of approximately 400 songs, Aidan continuously expands his musical offerings. His selection includes a wide range of classics, as well as unexpected choices that you wouldn’t typically associate with a solo acoustic guitarist. It’s not uncommon to hear him seamlessly transition from Metallica to Justin Bieber, or from an Ed Sheeran hit to a soulful Dolly Parton number. Aidan adds his own unique touch and style to each rendition, making every song a refreshing and captivating experience.

Aidan’s ability to effortlessly blend genres and surprise audiences with his song choices sets him apart as a versatile and dynamic performer. His performances are a testament to his creativity and musicality, leaving listeners in awe of his talent. Whether he’s strumming his guitar or showcasing his soulful vocals, Aidan’s passion for music shines through in every note.

Truly a globetrotting musician, Aidan thrives on the thrill of exploring new places and captivating audiences from different cultures. His vibrant energy, combined with his eclectic repertoire, ensures that his performances are memorable and enjoyable for audiences worldwide.



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