Luke Yates is a UK-based experienced and versatile singer pianist working in venues across the the world and on cruise ships internationally.

Luke’s passion for the piano started at a very young age. By the time he was 8 he was playing jazz standards and developing a taste for 50s and 60s music. Having picked up his first guitar in his early teens, Luke started performing professionally at the age of 15. Luke Yates is an experienced and versatile singer pianist working in venues across the UK and on cruise ships internationally. Luke moved to Carlisle to continue his studies and amongst performing regularly at weddings, functions and parties, was quickly granted residencies in a lots of local venues.

It was in Carlisle that Luke also spent a year getting a great insight into another aspect of the industry; managing a successful music venue, before moving to Liverpool to become a choir leader for the world’s leading contemporary choir: Rock Choir. (Featured on ITV1’s The Choir That Rocks –

During this time Luke developed a thirst for travel and has been working as a piano vocalist on various Cruise Ships. Luke’s versatility as a performer is second to none and he can naturally and comfortably provide most genres of music from popular chart covers to background jazz piano. Despite being only 23, Luke’s wealth of experience in many sectors of the music industry have granted him a maturity and a level of professionalism that far supersedes his age.

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