Ian Kendall

Ian Kendall


Ian Kendall is an award winning magician who has amazed audiences across the globe with astonishing feats and incredible miracles.

Ian caught the magic bug early, when a magician pulled an egg from his ear at his fifth birthday party. His interest grew more and more over the years, but it wasn’t until his early twenties when he chose to make it his profession.

He has performed in an array of venues, from close up magic on the Orient Express train to the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and the F1 circuit in Bahrain! In 2009 he was awarded the Leslie P Guest award for Excellence in Magic by the Society of American Magicians. Only the second non US magician to win the award! As well as performing, Ian is a respected teacher of magic. He has written columns for the two largest circulation magic magazines. He has also written four books teaching magic, and produced over twenty hours of video instruction.

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