Renowned Mentalist, Speaker and Entertainer Guy Bavli takes you on a journey into the mysteries of the human mind.  A compelling series of Mind Games from reading thoughts, predictions, phenomenal Mathematical abilities, making people telepathically connect, to Telekinesis by using Mind Power.  Headlining in theaters, casinos, cruise lines, and corporate events for some of the top Fortune 500 Companies; he never ceases to amaze his audience.

Guy Bavli has  appeared in many TV shows worldwide. He starred  in the NBC TV hit, Phenomenon, Masters of Illusions , Stan Lee’s Super Human (History Channel), Sabado Gigante with Don Francisco (Univision), and countless others around the globe.

He has also performed his incredible Mind Power Show at prestigious entertainment venues and casinos, including more than 1200 shows at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Carnegie Hall in New York, the Opera House in Frankfurt, the Shpillhouse Theater in Salzburg, Ateneo de Caracas, Atlapa in Panama, and in more than 50 countries worldwide from Chile to Australia.

Mind reading, Illusions, Predictions, Moving Objects, Elements of Dangerous, Comical gags, audience participation, hypnosis and more…

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