Byron Johnston is a critically acclaimed and award winning virtuoso guitar player, who hails from the south coast of Great Britain.

His shows take people on a journey from the sounds of the traditional solo guitar through to the rich musical heritage of the modern electric guitar, that has its roots in the music scene of the revolutionary sixties.

Byron is a graduate of The Academy Of Contemporary Music and it was during his time at the academy that he felt the calling to become a concert soloist.  His commitment to his craft soon led him into the life of an international performer, who has since travelled from Alaska to Asia with everything in between.  

Along the journey of his musical path Byron found himself going beyond playing traditional tributes and recitals to uncover new approaches to guitar playing, challenging the traditional beliefs about the performance of guitar music to find new and expressive ways to tell the story of music through the guitar.  

This new approach to guitar performance generated a buzz on the UK music scene that led to invitations to perform at world famous venues, including The Royal Albert Hall and The Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. Byron has performed at many of the music festivals around the United Kingdom and has performed live for BBC Television and Radio, his recorded studio albums sell worldwide and appear on iTunes.  Byron spends over half of the year touring, recording and on stage with his guitars where he is most at home, he is also currently authoring his first book which provides a behind the scenes insight into the music industry entitled Unlocking The Music Business.

The iconic guitarists of our time have their own unique sound, and in his shows you’ll see that Byron has found his signature guitar sound with influences from classical, to Spanish flamenco and blues to rock n’ roll. His shows demonstrate a rich musical tapestry of a master craftsman at work and they are not to be missed!

To quote one reviewer…


“It is a case of a sound being worth a thousand words”


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