Andy Varadi

Andy Varadi


Superb Multi Instrumentalist

Andy Varadi is a young, energetic multi talented instrumentalist.

He started to learn music from the tender age of 4 and since then, he has mastered a wide
range of instruments. From the triangle to the tuba, his musical talent is phenomenal. Although
he would have liked to bring every instrument with him, but as a result to luggage restrictions, the
tuba was one of those that didn’t make the cut!

He has selected the very best music from his huge repertoire to present an exciting show of
musical talent and entertainment. You will hear some of your favourite tunes, after he amazes
you with his virtuoso playing and a few funny bits and bobs along the way.
Andy studied at one of Europe’s most prestigious music conservatoires, the famous Franz Liszt
Academy of Music, Budapest. His talent did not go unnoticed and his virtuoso skills have won
him a number of international awards over the years.

Andy’s passion for music has taken him across the globe and he truly believes music is a universal language to be enjoyed by everybody.

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